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Jinuan Electric always provides you with the most professional products and services and top-quality use value protection. If you have any problem on using our products at any time anywhere, you can get help from the Jinguan electric. Our professional team will provide you with a full range of considerate services. Jinguan Electric provides a whole-process service from purchase of optional parts, quick–chaging equipment, qualified on-site services, to initial product planning and final equipment continuous monitoring. Through our call center, you will get all the technical explanation and help; through our training center and adjustable modular curriculum, no matter where you are, your actual needs can be met.

I. Pre-sale consultancy

We provide flexible and practical designs and solutions based on the customer's actual needs and project budget. We show customers the unique value of our products to help customers realize improvement in enterprise value. Our market engineers will come to your site for product introduction, visit customers who have used our products and carry out site visits on equipment operation. They will provide you with the latest domestic and international standards and technical requirements, introduce the development and trend of the industry, help customers developing bidding documents and technical specification and provide economic forecast report. We will establish close cooperation with the design department, provide accumulated rich experience in electrical manufacturing and put forward proposals on civil works, delivery, construction and cost.

II. Product site demonstration

1. Our optimal technology solution provides the best solution for customers. It is the foundation for successful marketing as well as the best way to understand the customer's business and solve the customer's problems.

2. Online self-service enables the customer to inquire product information, order, complaints and online fault diagnosis and technical support download.

III. Technical Management Training

Customers are allowed to customize and design products and configure different functions and specifications according to their needs. We will carry out production according to customer demand. Rapid response to the market: we can provide customers with satisfactory products and services within the fastest time. This means that we not only are sensitive to market changes in order to capture information, but also enable internal processes to make rapid response. We also establish one-to-one partnership between business partners to improve customer satisfaction.

IV. Product upgrade service

Our products have a design life of more than 20 years, and even 30 years for some products We provide free warranty and life-long maintenance services for all of our products if any quality problems occurs (not caused by man-made reason ) within a year.