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Jinguan Electric "Jinguan Cup - I am the strongest" tug of war kicked off
Released on: 2015-04-30 Content Sources: Jinguan Electric

On April 29, 2015, a thrilling, brilliant tug-of-war competition is held in a venue of Jinguan Electric. The first "Jinguan Cup - I am the strongest" tug of war jointly organized by Jilin Jinguan Electric Co., Ltd. and a wholly owned subsidiary, Jilin Elton Electric Co., Ltd. Won strong support from all departments and teams. A total of 252 people enrolled, forming 14 teams.


To strengthen the cooperation between departments and within departments, and create a positive team atmosphere, the Company organized a tug of war event. This event is committed to relax in the process of building a sense of team, in order to put good spirit and good mentality into the work.
"Unity is Power" is the slogan of this event as well as the core idea of this event. The competition is divided into preliminary, quarter finals, semi-final, and final, which lasted 5 days. Three teams won the first, second or third prizes. The winning teams will be awarded high-tech anion oxygen bar purifier, new small table lamp, intelligent shoe dryer and other exquisite gifts provided by the organizers.
The person in charge of this tug of war activities said, "our employees are the most valuable wealth of the enterprise, and their state determines the development of the enterprise. We hope that by organizing such activity, we can enrich the cultural life of employees and provide employees with a colorful life. So that our employees can meet future challenges in high spirits”.