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Jinguan Electric attended International Power System Exhibition held in Paris, France
Released on: 2016-09-02 Content Sources: Jinguan Electric

The French capital, Paris, is one of the world's top ten cities. It is a central city across the Seine in the central of Paris Basin in Northern France and is France's largest city and one of the most populated cities in the world. The 46th CIGRE TechnicalExhibition 2016 will be held in Paris from 2016.08.22 to 2016.08.25.  

Jinguan Electric is a young, energetic and passionate enterprise, with a business team consisting of a group of young people who are dedicated to industrial automation. We are always exploring the road to promote rapid growth of the enterprise. We carry out organic integration of various types of resources to achieve greater overall efficiency, use process specifications and function reuse to promote economies of scale, and promote product innovation to achieve magnification benefits. Our staff, with their perseverance, practice, faith, responsibility and obligation, inject their life wisdom and strength into the development of enterprises and make their contribution to the enterprise to create greater happiness, well-being, prosperity and extraordinary future. We are strive to create a health listed company for the public and create greater social wealth and social value for the country.
The CIGRE Technical Exhibition, organized by CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems), has been successfully held for 45 sessions twice a year. The symposium held at the same time is also the most important event organized by the CIGRE. The last exhibition occupied an area of 10,000 square meters with 241 exhibitors from 85 countries and nearly 10,000 professional visitors. 219 various academic conferences were held during the exhibition. As each exhibition and conference are held at the same time, power system technical experts and professional scholars from around the world accounted for more than half of the number of professional visitors, making it the biggest highlight of the exhibition.







 JGSIS-12 Series Solid Insulated Switchgear

 JGAIS-12 series Environmental-friendly Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

 JGR Series Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit


  The audience showed great interest in our products.


The environmentally-friendly gas insulated series products of Jinguan Electric attracted much attention from technical experts, as technical experts around the world are constantly engaged in the innovation and development of environmentally friendly gas-insulation in order to replace the SF6 gas insulation. 
Through this exhibition, our latest products can go abroad, making a new start point for Jinguan Electric to take a foothold on international market. By taking this opportunity, Jinguan Electric will become a global transmission and distribution enterprise.