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Highlights of electrical equipment and new energy industry
Released on: 2015-05-11 Content Sources: Jinguan Electric

Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report: To increase the proportion of non-fossil energy generation, develop smart grid and distributed energy, encourage the development of wind energy and solar energy, and start a number of hydropower and nuclear power projects. To strengthen the exploration and application of natural gas, coalbed methane and shale gas.


1) This year, the Government will put priorities on energy consumption control, haze control and energy structure transformation. For new energy, the government work report for the first time encourages the development of wind energy and solar energy.
2) For PV development, we are firmly optimistic about the integration of distributed grid and smart grid. Although this year may not see the realization of gaols for distributed grid, the new model represented by the distributed grid will continue to be policy-driven. New business models and innovation are unlikely to appear and we are optimistic about the integration and development of distributed, smart grid and new energy vehicles.
3) We believe that this year, installed capacity of PV and wind farms is expected to exceed expectations with PV installed capacity of 16GW and wind power at 20GW. We continue to recommend enterprises engaged in photovoltaic power plants and wind power operations, such as: Eicon Technology, SUNGROW, Zhongli Sci-Tech, Aerospace Electrical, Hareon Solar, Goldwind and Titan Wind.

Transmission and Distribution Market Review: "Ren Min Zheng Xie Bao" exclusive interview on Liu Zhenya: Positive response on the divergence in UHV AC and DC


Liu Zhenya: To build a safe UHV power grid with strong carrying capacity and resource allocation ability, we must promote coordinated development of UHV AC-DC grid. 


We believe that:
1) UHV grid has attracted wide attention from State Grid toNational Energy Administration. This time, Liu Zhenya positively responded the divergence between AC and DC and actively release signals on exchange of ideas and approval. Since 2014, China's UHV grid approval have paced up.
2) UHV sector is recommended, and specific stocks include Pinggao Electric which has the highest level of flexibility XUJI Group and State Power NARI which are leading enterprises in electrical equipment industry.