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Top 100 private enterprises in Changchun City was released recently and Jinguan Electric was on the list
Released on: 2013-01-21 Content Sources: Jinguan Electric
In the morning of January 18, the municipal economic working conference is held in Changchun. At the meeting, the municipal Party committee and municipal government decided to grant 100 private enterprises including Jilin Jinguan Electric the title of "Top 100 private enterprises in Changchun City". This is the first time in the history of Changchun.

1. Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
2. Jilin Province Changchun Haoyue Halal Meat Industry Co., Ltd.
3. Jilin Province Zhongdong Group Co., Ltd.
4. Jilin Province Huayang Group Co., Ltd.
5. Changchun Xinda Oil Group Nongan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
6. Changchun Dahe Technology Development Co., Ltd.
7. Changchun Changyun Group Co., Ltd.
8. Fuyao Group Changchun Co., Ltd.
9. Changchun FAW Sihuan Brake Co., Ltd.
10. Jilin Dali Foods Co., Ltd.
11. CAS Yinghuagao Technology Co., Ltd.
12. Jilin Provicne Zhengya Group Co., Ltd.
13. Changchun FAW Sihuan Engine Manufacutring Co., Ltd.
14. Jilin Xinlide Parts Co., Ltd.
15. Changchun City Bulb Line Co., Ltd.
16. Jilin Province Jiapeng Construction Group Co., Ltd.
17. Changchun Jinluo Meat Products Co., Ltd.
18. Jilin Province Weibao Henghelong Warehousing Department Store Co., Ltd.
19. Changchun Yingli Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
20. Jilin Province Wutai Gankang Pharmeceutical Co., Ltd.
21. Jilin Tainjing Foods Co., Ltd.
22. Changchun Huaxiang Car Muffler Co., Ltd.
23. Jilin Yatai Fuyuan Shopping Center Co., Ltd.
24. Changchun City Huawei Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
25. Jilin Province Yuguang Energy Co., Ltd.
26. Jilin Tongxin Thermal Group Co., Ltd.
27. Changchun Changrui Automobile Punching Parts Co., Ltd.
28. Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
29. Jilin Province Wenxinniao Group Co., Ltd.
30. Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd.
31. Changchun Yunding Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
32. Jilin Province Guoxin Investment Group Co., Ltd.
33.Jilin Xidian Pharmeceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd.
34. Changchun Sanding Transformer Co., Ltd.
35. Changchun Guoshang Department Store Co., Ltd.
36. Jilin Province Jiacheng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
37. Jilin Province Dairy Group Guangze Co., Ltd.
38. Jilin Province Detai Feed Technology Development Co., Ltd.
39. Huarun Snow Beer (Changchun) Co., Ltd.
40. Jilin Province Yushu City Sihai Foods Co., Ltd.
41. Jilin Jinguan Electric Co., Ltd.
42. Changchun Judelong Iron Tower Co., Ltd.
43. Changchun Sanyou Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
44. Yushu City Jinfeng Industrial Northeast Co., Ltd.
45. Jilin Province Aman Foods Co., Ltd.
46. Changchun City Fufeng Punching Parts Co., Ltd.
47. Jilin Province Pengrui Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.
48. Changchun Jinying Zhigu Technology Group Co., Ltd.
49. Changchun Hongda Hi-tech Group Co., Ltd.
50. Changchun Huifeng Auto Gear Co., Ltd.
51. Changchun Kangda Auto Textile Co., Ltd.
52. Changchun Jilin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
53. Jilin Provicne Rongfa Group Co., Ltd.
54. Changchun Baike Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
55. Changchun Zhenhua Auto Painting Co., Ltd.
56. Changchun Dingyuan Drink Co., Ltd.
57. Changchun Changke Jinqi Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
58. Changchun Jialin Glass Fiber Reinforcing Materials Co., Ltd.
59. Changchun FAW Sihuan Shuangcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
60. Jilin Provicne Cheqiao Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
61. Jilin Provicne Changchun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
62. Changchun Yuheng Optical Co., Ltd.
63. Jilin Provicne Apparel Corporation
64. Changchun Jiguang Media Group Co., Ltd.
65. Jilin Provicnce Guatong Pharmeceutial Equipment Co., Ltd.
66. Jilin Provicne Laochang Foods Co., Ltd.
67. Changchun Taoli Co., Ltd.
68. Changchun Jiacheng Network Engineering Co., Ltd.
69. Changchun FAW Synthetic Material Co., Ltd.
70. Dehui City Xinyu Cement Co., Ltd.
71. Jilin Province Yuping Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
72. Changchun Boyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
73. Changchun Electric Furnace Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.
74. Changchun Wanhui Foods Co., Ltd.
75. Jilin Boren Technology Co., Ltd.
76. Changchun Boiler Instrument Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
77. Jilin Yuandong Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
78. Changchun Renmin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
79. Jilin Province Dongmao Packing Products Factory
80. Changchun Laohantou Halal Foods Co., Ltd.
81. Yushu Zhenbei Agriculture and Industry Company
82. Changchun Yongxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
83. Changchun Menggu Door Industry Co., Ltd.
84. Changchun International Trade Center Co., Ltd.
85. Jilin Shuanglong Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd.
86. Yushu City Hongyuan Cement Co., Ltd.
87. Jilin Zhiyou Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
88. Jilin Province Luluxue Foods Co., Ltd.
89. Jilin Brothers Wood Group Co., Ltd.
90. Changchun Aixi Technology Co., Ltd.
91. Changchun Bingfeng Beer Co., Ltd.
92. Changchun Kuoer Technology Co., Ltd.
93. Jilin Province Fangda Garment Co., Ltd.
94. Changchun City Jianbang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
95. Changchun Dingxiang Power Station Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd
96. Changchun Zhong Zhi Jie Foods Co., Ltd.
97. Changchun Yinnuoke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
98. Jilin Province Jishuang Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
99. Changchun City Yinhe Packaging and Printing Products Co., Ltd.
100. Jilin Province Yushuqian Liquor Co., Ltd.