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Talent - the future of the enterprise





Training System:  Combination of orientation training and job training and external training and internal training    

To use "integrity, efficiency, innovation, dedication" as the goal, and "high-quality, good character, excellent image" as a benchmark for talent positioning. To comprehensively improve the professional quality and job skills of all staff. To stimulate the curiosity and desire to create of employees. To explore the potential of employees on knowledge updates and ability update, cultivate talent team which is in line with the company's development needs, and promote the learning-based organization.

To increase input on talent training and assessment. Training should be carried out in aspects of "corporate culture, management level, professional skills" at three levels including senior talents, backbone talents and basic talents. To establish and improve corresponding incentive mechanism for training and take multi-form, multi-channel training approach.
To select outstanding management personnel and technical staff as a lecturer, through professional training in the course production, organization of teaching, teaching skills and other aspects to enhance the teaching level of internal lecturers and establish a professional internal lecturer team.

1. Corporate culture training

To continue to deepen the construction of learning-oriented enterprises, adopt the methods of rotation, self-study and team-learning to carry out training on ethical code, laws and regulations, quality awareness and team spirit, improving the overall cohesion and team awareness of the Company.

2. Management training

2.1  To strengthen the training of managers at all levels and select high and middle management personnel and key personnel for external training by considering the actual needs and requirements of the Company's management, thus further improving the production and operation and management capacity of the Company as well as provide backup talent team to ensure sustainable development of the Company.

2.2  To increase inputs on the training of personnel of various functional departments, focus on training of personnel in finance, production, scheduling, quality inspection, procurement, storage, sales and after-sales sectors, enhance the quality and comprehensive ability of financial personnel, cultivate composite management talent, improve the quality of the quality inspection personnel and operational capacity; explore procurement methods, reduce logistics costs; improve knowledge of the product and business level of sales and after-sales staff.

2.3  According to the requirements of the management system certification, to organize new recruits to participate in training on the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB / 28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system in documentation, management standards and other aspects. To integrate quality, environment, occupational health and safety compliance certification into the corporate culture, so that each employee has the sense of quality awareness and environmental safety awareness.

3. Professional skill training

3.1 To vigorously promote high-skilled personnel training, popularize training of intermediary talents and focus on the training of senior workers and technicians by combining with the company's new technology, new process, new equipment, new materials with career development as the driving force, skills assessment as a means and skill training, technology contest and lecturer as the carrier.

3.2 To carry out quality improvement training for staff and improve operational skills and quality awareness.

3.3 To develop a number of composite technical workers According to the company's production needs solve the bottleneck in the production process, and improve overall productivity.

3.4 To employ professional experts in the industry to carry out technical seminars and carry out basic knowledge, new knowledge, new technologies, new technology training for technicians.

3.5 To focus on combination of training of experts with actual production according to the company's development plan and improve the professional and technical level, enhance scientific and technological research and development, technological innovation ability of the staff, providing intellectual guarantee for future development of the Company.